Erik Jones after the victory: It is redemption in a lot of ways

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Erik Jones after the victory: It is redemption in a lot of ways

Erik Jones is the winner of the first playoff race at Darlington. Jones was delighted and as if he did not expect such an outcome. "Richard hasn’t been to Victory Lane at Darlington probably since he last won here.

It’s just awesome. Just so proud of these guys, Petty GMS and (sponsor) Focus Packer Crew,”.- he said, His second victory is at the same place where he achieved his first victory. He knew that he had a tough race ahead of him, but his courage and skill came to the fore in the end.

“We’ve been so close all year, and I didn’t think today was going to be the day. It was going to be a tough one to win, I knew, but no better fitting place. I love this track. I love this race. On that trophy twice, man.

I was pumped to be on it once, but to have it on there twice—pretty cool,”

Erik Jones and his team

Jones has a great team of people behind him. “Well, I mean, I never lost any belief in myself through any of it.

I knew I could still do it, and I just knew we needed to grow the program to do it, and we have. We’ve brought on a lot of great people in the last year. Dave Elenz called a great race today. His first Cup win—that’s pretty cool for him,” says Erik Jones.

This victory meant a lot for his confidence. “I’m excited, man. We’ve been talking about this day for a long time, and it is redemption in a lot of ways. Very fitting that it’s here at this race again.

I felt like this was the race that saved my job the first time around, and coming back here with this win, I guess it puts you back on the map,” added Erik Jones.