Chase Elliott on expectations in Kansas: That will be the main problem

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Chase Elliott on expectations in Kansas: That will be the main problem

Chase Elliott is one of the best this season and the favorite according to most. However, he does not want to carry that pressure on himself and believes that there are many who are capable of winning. The race in Darlington did not go well for him, but he will have a chance to redeem himself in Kansas.

Elliott gave his impressions before the important race. “Kansas (Speedway) is a place that typically has some groove options. It seems like the cooler it is, the more groove options we have. When it’s hotter, the outside lane tends to become more dominant.

To me, that place feels like a shorter mile-and-a-half for some reason – it just feels a little tighter than some of the other ones,” Chase Elliott said.

Chase Elliott on weather conditions: That place is getting some age to it now

Elliott is concerned about the prevailing weather conditions that may affect the quality of the track.

However, it will be a big challenge for everyone. “Momentum is going to be tough to beat and the track is aging too. They have some pretty hot summers and some pretty harsh winters, so that place is getting some age to it now.

Typically as those tracks age, momentum starts to be king over time and that outside lane tends to give you that,” Chase Elliott added. Even before the race, many NASCAR drivers have defined what they expect from the race.

Kansas will not be an easy challenge, but they know they have to give their best “I think as time goes the top will continue to be more and more dominant unless you just have that perfect weather situation where it’s cool and the short way around has enough grip to not break the momentum.

It’s going to be a fight for track position and how well you can get around the top,” Chase Elliott explained. Many inconsistent drivers and a very difficult season..