Buba Wallace after victory: Thankful to shut the [heck] up for a lot of people

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Buba Wallace after victory: Thankful to shut the [heck] up for a lot of people

Bubba Wallace surprised many and won the race in Kansas. This is also his second cup victory in his career. Wallace could not hide his happiness after the great success he had achieved. Although Bubba is often under criticism, this time he was maximally focused, showed quality, and deservedly celebrated.

“Man, just so proud of this team, so proud of the effort they put in each and every week. Just thankful for the opportunity. I took this jump for an idea two years ago from a text from Denny before it all even happened — he was ready to get the deal done,” Bubba Wallace said.

Bubba Wallace thanked his team

He did not forget to thank the owner Michael Jordan as well as other people who are part of the team. Without them, this success would not have been possible. What is most important for him is that he answered the critics.

“I appreciate him. Appreciate MJ [Michael Jordan], Curtis [Polk]…everybody on that side of things; everybody at 23XI. The men and women there — they work their tails off. Just so proud. The pit crew was awesome today; we had one loose wheel.

Just thankful; thankful for the opportunity; thankful to shut the [heck] up for a lot of people,” Bubba Wallace added. Bubba Wallace beat his boss Denny Hamlin, who was in second place. It is certain that Hamlin will not mind Wallace's victory.

“I knew Denny was going to be strong…he wasn’t a factor at the beginning of the day, and he comes up and finishes P2. That’s what I want to start doing when we don’t have the best days…capitalizing on moments like that.

It’s cool to beat the boss, but man, we were just lights out today once we got to the lead. It was a lot of fun,” Bubba Wallace concluded.