Denny Hamlin: There’s no way that Bubba Wallace ever expects me to give him anything

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Denny Hamlin: There’s no way that Bubba Wallace ever expects me to give him anything

23X1 Racing team has reason to be happy. Their driver, Bubba Wallace achieved a great victory in Kansas, which is very important for them. The owners of this team, Michael Jordan and Denny Hamlin (who finished the race in second place) are delighted with the success that their team has achieved.

Michael Jordan sent a message right after the end of the race; “Huge congrats to Bubba Wallace and the entire 45 team for today’s great win. Bubba has proven that he is a winner with the 23 and the 45. Let’s go,”.- Michael Jordan said.

Denny Hamlin believes that Bubba Wallace was of exceptional quality in this important race. He had the necessary quality and speed which he used in the whole race. This will be important for the self-confidence of Wallace and the whole team.

“I think a lot of people had a lot of issues on pit road. Certainly, we were one of many. But I saw [Bubba] in the back of the pack just like we were, and he was able to get through the traffic faster than I was. And so that’s the pivotal point of the race where I think that he’s really improved in the sense of that,” - Hamlin said.

Denny Hamlin; It was not given to him

Some believe that Hamlin gave the victory to Bubba Wallace, but he denied this. “As I said in my interview post-race, there’s no way that Bubba ever expects me to give him anything.

He doesn’t. He wants to know that he went out here and earned the win today. And it was not given to him. My lap times those last 20 laps prove that I was giving it every single bit that I had, but he just out-executed us, out track positioned us and our cars today,” Denny Hamlin concluded.