TRD chief David Wilson on Kyle Busch: It takes two to tango

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TRD chief David Wilson on Kyle Busch: It takes two to tango
TRD chief David Wilson on Kyle Busch: It takes two to tango

TRD chief David Wilson is disappointed that he was unable to reach an agreement with Kyle Busch, who left Joe Gibbs Racing “We have absolutely been right in the middle of it. I have been right in the middle of it. We made a valiant effort to try and keep Kyle Busch in our family, and I’ll simply say that there were opportunities on the table for him to stay in a Toyota with our family,” David Wilson said.

“But ultimately, it takes two parties. It takes two to tango, as they say. Ultimately, we weren’t able to get it done, and Richard Childress and Chevrolet were." David Wilson is proud of the time they spent together and wanted to pay his respects.

“I’ll forever be proud of the success that we shared with Kyle and Kyle Busch Motorsports. That could not have happened without Toyota and the support that we brought to the table every year. So, it’s a tough situation but again, as a manufacturer in the sport, we’re always going to [carry] ourselves in a respectful manner.

That’s worked out for us over the years, and I’m proud overall of all of that,” says David Wilson.

David Wilson and Kyle Busch

Wilson is sad about this outcome, but also happy about all the memories they have together.

“I’m not going to minimize what happened today or make light of it [and] it’s tough too because candidly, it’s a sad day for Team Toyota. Certainly, we are disappointed that we’re not going forward,” added David Wilson, “You look back over the past 15 years, and you look at what we did together, we’ve had so many moments with Kyle Busch, and they will be a part of our shared legacy for all time. What’s the saying? A moment lasts for seconds, but memories last forever,” explained David Wilson.

Kyle Busch

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