Brad Keselowki on meeting Chris Buescher for the first time: "I was blown away by.."

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Brad Keselowki on meeting Chris Buescher for the first time: "I was blown away by.."

Chris Buescher impressed in the last race of the Playoffs. After he won, people started talking about his qualities, but also about RFK Racing. One of the co-owners/drivers, Brad Keselowski revealed when he had his first contact with Buescher and his qualities "I went to a Ford driving school with him somewhere around 2015, and I was blown away by his talent and his feel for the car," said the RFK Racing co-ownerfor "I just felt like he didn't have the support system around him to be successful with the teams he was with.

"I kind of felt like he was a hidden free agent gem that wasn't being scouted properly and felt that way for a handful of years. So yeah, the first thing — it was literally the first thing I did when I signed the papers at RFK.

The next step after signing my papers was putting an offer in front of him to give him a contract extension. I thought he was somebody we could build around and get results, and today clearly shows that that was the case."

Bred Keselowski

Keselowski is delighted with the qualities of Buescher and what he showed in the Bristol race. This gave them additional motivation to continue their good work, and the quality obviously exists. "I'll say for Chris, he's done such a great job growing this year," said Keselowski.

"I'm really proud to work with him and see that, and his focus is top level. He deserves a lot of credit. This is not an easy race to win. It never has been. But it's a big race to win for your career. The Bristol Night Race is a race that champions win, and I think the growth that he's shown this year shows that he can be just that.

"It's a big moment for him and a big moment for our company to be able to win races. It's really so important at this level. You're really not relevant if you can't win races. If you're not relevant, you can't have sponsors.

You can't have sponsors, you can't go to the racetrack every weekend. We need to win. We need to win for our partners."