Kyle Petty on Kyle Busch: He’s just past his prime, it's a move backward

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Kyle Petty on Kyle Busch: He’s just past his prime, it's a move backward

Many NASCAR experts and former drivers had comments on Kyle Busch's surprising RCR move. Kyle Petty, a former racer, thinks this is a step backward for Busch. “Welcome to Kyle Petty’s world and accept the hate when it come.

This is what I’m going to say. It is not a move forward and it is not a lateral move. It is a move in the wrong direction for a guy like Kyle Busch I believe,” Kyle Petty said during the Countdown to Green pre-race show.

Kyle Petty decided to explain his opinion argumentatively: “It’s a move backward. Here’s a team, who since Kevin Harvick left at the end of 2013 and took his 23 wins with him, they’ve only won seven times.

In that same amount of time — and this is a little bit of apples to oranges — Kyle Busch himself has won two championships and 32 races. That’s with a totally different type of organization,” Kyle Petty added.

Kyle Petty: He's 37,38 years old

A lot of pressure is expected, and Petty is not optimistic given his age. “He’s going to an organization that he’s going to have to build. He’s going to have to build it back.

He’s 37, 38 years old. He’s just past his prime. I’m not saying that he’s not still in his prime a little bit, so don’t hate me that bad, but his prime years were spent with Toyota and the Gibbs organization.

These are just facts,” says Kyle Petty. He gave Brad Keselowski as an example “You can’t deny this. The thing is Kyle Busch needs to look at Brad Keselowski and see the year that he’s having because that may be his future more so than looking at Denny Hamlin or somebody like that and having that type of year,” added Kyle Petty.