Daniel Suarez: The most difficult race I’ve driven in my life

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Daniel Suarez: The most difficult race I’ve driven in my life
Daniel Suarez: The most difficult race I’ve driven in my life

Daniel Suarez finished 36th at the Oval. He described this race as one of the most difficult “Very tough," said Suarez as he described his day for motorsport.com "The second-half of the race was probably the most difficult race I’ve driven in my life, but it is what it is.

Unfortunately, me as a driver, that’s something that’s out of my control”. Although he was optimistic and it looked like everything could be good, Suarez was left disappointed. “The first-half of the race was good; and then we had a mechanical failure with the steering and after that, it was game over," said Suarez.

"It’s very disappointing to lose a race like that. Our No. 99 CommScope Chevy was good; it was fast. I felt like it was going to be an easy transition based on the speed that we had, but once we lost the steering, I was just trying to survive.

My arms are destroyed right now. My hands are destroyed. It’s just unfortunate”.

Chris Bell

Chris Bell on the other hand talked about his form and is satisfied with the results. “From the first 10 races into the season, I knew that our performance and capability was there.

We had a lot of things working against us,” Bell said, as quoted by motorsport.com “Whenever we left I want to say Atlanta, I don’t remember what race Atlanta was in the season, but three or four races in we were positioned last in the points standings.

I think a lot of people had written me off as a driver, written the No. 20 car off, ‘Christopher is going to get fired’ – I got that all the time; that I’m getting replaced. The No. 20 car is the revolving door, he’s going to be out of here.

We’re still alive. That feels really good. I wouldn’t have guessed that a week ago or even five hours ago”.

Daniel Suarez

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