Ty Dillon: I can’t quit on my 13-year-old self that believed that

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Ty Dillon: I can’t quit on my 13-year-old self that believed that

Ty Dillon will be a new member of Spire Motorsports from the 2023 season. Team co-owner Jeff Dickerson believes that Dillon is the ideal man for their team. “I think we’ve finally kind of arrived at a place where we established this is what we’re trying to do.

This one was one of those things where we looked around to each and other and asked, ‘How do we get there?’ It would be nice to have a consistent guy in the No. 77,” Dickerson said, as quoted by motorsport.com “We looked at who was out there and I don’t think we would have done it if there wasn’t someone like a Ty.

We feel like it kind of landed in our lap in a way”.

Ty Dillon and Spire Motorsports

Dillon is motivated and ready to show his qualities. This will be a big challenge for him, and the team's philosophy is to his taste.

“It’s been very hard but I have a great wife, a great family and everybody around me that continues to pump me up. I know that if I don’t believe I can win races and win championships in this series, then eventually no one will believe that.

I’m very confident that I can do it,” Dillon said. “I look at many races I’ve won in the past and I’ve beat Cup Series champions straight-up in a lot of opportunities. Those moments in my career have continue to lead me to believe that I can do it week-in and week-out at this level.

“And I just believe in that goal from a little kid my whole life was to be a Cup winner and Cup champion. I can’t quit on myself and I can’t quit on my 13-year-old self that believed that. Until they take this sport away from me, I’m going to keep digging and heading in that direction”.