Denny Hamlin reacts to the Kyle Larson-Bubba Wallace incident


Denny Hamlin reacts to the Kyle Larson-Bubba Wallace incident
Denny Hamlin reacts to the Kyle Larson-Bubba Wallace incident

Bubba Wallace created 'chaos' in Las Vegas after he retaliated against Larson and wrecked him. Wallace didn't stop there and tried to physically deal with Larson as well. No one remained indifferent to the scenes we saw in Las Vegas, and the punishment for this kind of behavior will follow. Denny Hamlin reacted after the incident; He is one of the few who did not want to give a concrete opinion and believes that both drivers should resolve things between themselves.

“I didn’t see it. Everyone has asked me about it. I’m assuming it’s substantial. Those things are usually driver-to-driver issues. I don’t usually get in the middle of it. I’m friends with both of them so I’d just encourage both of them to talk to each other,” Denny Hamlin said.

Denny Hamlin on the race

Denny Hamlin did not have high expectations for the race in Las Vegas, but things turned out better than he imagined. The next challenges await him, and this experienced driver expects better performances and the very top of the order.

“Honestly, I thought we were going to be a little bit better than we were today but starting 31st and getting a top-five in the second stage and top-five for the race is pretty decent. We just had one bad stop there at the end that kind of took away our track position, but we got most of that back,” says Denny Hamlin .

Joey Logano (race winner) had a slightly different opinion and was not happy with Bubba Wallace's actions. “[Larson] might have flush-hit that thing in the side and game over. There’s no room for that. You can’t do that.

If it’s under caution and you’re banging doors … I don’t know that that’s OK, but at least you’re not putting someone’s life at risk. I don’t like using cars for a weapon. Just get out and fight him.

That’s fine if that’s what you really want to do and that’s how you want to handle it,” Joey Logano added.

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