Chase Briscoe on Martinsville: You can run out of patience pretty easily

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Chase Briscoe on Martinsville: You can run out of patience pretty easily
Chase Briscoe on Martinsville: You can run out of patience pretty easily

Martinsville cup races always bring us interesting and exciting things. Chase Briscoe talked about the Martinsville race and revealed what his expectations are. “Well, to make some of those moves guys typically want to make on a short track, whether that’s giving a little bump to mess up another driver, or even just going for the dive bomb, you have to have the opportunity.

You need to be able to get right on their bumper. You can’t do that at a lot of these places, but at Martinsville, you have to slow down so much for the corner,” Chase Briscoe said. Patience will be one of the most important factors during this race.

“Yeah, it is kind of the perfect cutoff race. We go to some of these tracks and, especially on the short tracks, you can run out of patience pretty easily. You want to bump a guy and mess them up getting into a corner and you can’t even get to them.

But at Martinsville, you have every opportunity to do that,” Chase Briscoe said.


Next Gen cars brought excitement like never before. NASCAR looks much more competitive with Next Gen cars. This is one of the most interesting seasons considering how many competitors are in the game.

“When you add in the parity we’ve seen all year with the new car, it creates an opportunity for a lot more guys to be battling upfront now for the win,”. Some drivers from whom not much was expected made a big step forward and showed their qualities.

Next Gen cars gave them what they wanted. “Guys who aren’t normally up front trying to get their best run of the year are mixing it up with playoff guys, and the playoff guys are obviously racing for their chance to go to the championship,”.

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