Ross Chastain explains his move: My brain could not comprehend

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Ross Chastain explains his move: My brain could not comprehend

Ross Chastain surprised many with his move in Martinsville, and we can say it freely; History has been written! His video game move is a true miracle, and Chastian explained how he came up with it; “I never thought about it.

Our prep this week, it never crossed my mind. I've done a lot of sim work this week, a lot of stuff, laps here virtually. Never once did it cross my mind to ever try it. I want to make that clear. The last time would have been a long time ago before I was even thinking about being a NASCAR driver.

It flashed back in my head on the white flag, and I double-checked off of [Turn] 2. Like, through 1 and 2 I thought, 'I think we need two spots.' They said, ‘Yes’. If it wrecks, OK, we don't make it. It might not work, but I'll try it."

In those moments, he didn't have much space to think. The idea came, Chastain listened to his brain and reached the desired goal. "I didn't know how it would all work out. I didn't know if the physics would work to make it around the corner, but it did”.

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Ross Chastain explains his move

The brain seemed to work faster than usual in those moments. Chastain made a decision in a second that will remain in the history of NASCAR. The crowd and others were delighted.

“My brain could not comprehend, my bandwidth was shot when I entered Turn 3 and I grabbed fifth gear,” he said. “Everything went blurry. I couldn't comprehend it. But, yeah, I questioned it. When I grabbed fifth, I was like, 'Well, it's going now.'

My foot stayed down. I committed to the wall early. It didn't slow down, so it worked”.