Bubba Wallace on Kurt Busch's condition and advices

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Bubba Wallace on Kurt Busch's condition and advices

Bubba Wallace and Kurt Busch have been great this season, and Wallace has ambitions to do the same next season. Kurt Busch had a collision in the middle of this year, which forced him to miss the rest of the season. It wasn't easy for him to bear such things, but his focus remained the same; Recover.

Bubba Wallace is aware of the mental state of his colleague, and wants to be his support in difficult moments. It cannot be easy for any person when he encounters an obstacle. “That’s the type of veteran leadership that we need.

He’s not driving, and I know it kills him. It would kill me if I wasn’t driving. Especially with the circumstances that he’s in, but he’s not just lying over. He wants to see this team succeed, and he feels he has an obligation to fulfill in this new team, which is important,” Bubba Wallace said.

Buba Wallace on Kurt Busch

Kurt Busch is an experienced driver. His advice is of great importance to drivers like Bubba Wallace. It was Bubba who remembered a piece of advice from this veteran, and he tries to apply it. “Kurt told me this when I jumped him at Darlington last year.

He said, ‘Hey man, you get reset every time a caution comes out or a stage comes out. You have to understand what that is and use that,’ At this point, Wallace became more aware of what Busch was telling him. He understood how much experience plays an important role in a driver's career, and it's really great when you have someone like Busch by your side.

“Looking back, it makes so much sense. At the moment, you try to understand that, but you have to go through the trials and tribulations of it all to [realize] this is what the veterans are doing,”.