Dale Earnhardt Jr. regrets the mistake: I would slap the s*** out of me

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. regrets the mistake: I would slap the s*** out of me

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is still angry with himself and his decisions, considering that he never won the Cup Championship. Earnhardt Jr. thinks he knows the reasons for it, and is furious with his 'younger self' The decision to break up with Tony Sr, who was then crew chief and also his uncle, cost him in the end.

“If I could talk to that version of myself — I would slap the s— out of me. I would. I’m so angry with that person, that decision, and that choice to split from Tony Sr”. His decision affected his uncle's career as well as Dale's career.

“That was a bad, bad choice. I thought in my mind I was going to be better off with someone else, that man I bet you there’s somebody else who can give me better cars … And that decision had an effect on Tony Jr.

and Tony Sr.’s life, moving forward, for years. And my life. My career,”.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. on his mistakes

Earnhardt Jr. made many mistakes, and did not have the discipline that was needed. “I could get away with it, being young, and we had great cars.

But yeah, what I learned by going to Hendrick (Motorsports, later in his career) was the Hendrick Way. How you prepare. And I thought, ‘Dang, how many more races might I have won had I really been locked in? Eat, sleep and drink racing.,” Dale Earnhardt said.

It seems that things could have been totally different for him, but one must admit that Dale certainly had a great career. “Now, it wouldn’t have been as fun. But I would have probably won somewhere, anywhere between 25 to 75% more races.

Maybe 35-40 races. Yeah, for sure. I mean, we had the cars and the ability to go out there and make it happen,” Dale Earnhardt Jr. added.