Dale Earnhardt Jr.: "There are times when I daydream about.."

"I know that being alone is probably not what I truly want."

by Sead Dedovic
Dale Earnhardt Jr.: "There are times when I daydream about.."

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is a great NASCAR driver who marked an era of this competition. His character is interesting, and that's exactly what he talked about in one of the podcasts. Dale emphasized that he would like to be an introvert.

“Half of me would love to be somewhere by myself, being an introvert. The other half of me is kind of great with the way things are. Everything I’ve ever done in my life, I never want to do it by myself, whether it was a road trip or whatever it might be,” Dale Earnhardt Jr.

said. Earnhardt Jr. loves to think about the 'old' times. He emphasized that he is super nostalgic. “So, I know that being alone is probably not what I truly want. But there are times when I daydream about that old ranch house we used to live in on the lake.

I’m super nostalgic. And so, for some reason, I’ve got this urge to experience what life was like,” Dale Earnhardt Jr. said. His imagination goes far. “The music, the style, and the way things were back then.

So, I kind of daydream about that a lot — just being alone and to myself and void of any responsibility professionally. But I think the truth is that I’d probably be miserable,” Dale Earnhardt Jr. added.

Earnhardt Jr regrets

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

also talked about his anger towards himself because of bad decisions at the beginning of his career. “If I could talk to that version of myself — I would slap the s— out of me. I would. I’m so angry with that person, that decision, and that choice to split from Tony Sr”.

That was a bad, bad choice. I thought in my mind I was going to be better off with someone else, that man I bet you there’s somebody else who can give me better cars … And that decision had an effect on Tony Jr.

and Tony Sr.’s life, moving forward, for years. And my life. My career,”.

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