NASCAR legend: That's a lot of pressure on Ty Gibbs

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NASCAR legend: That's a lot of pressure on Ty Gibbs

Ty Gibbs will be part of the cup series next season, considering that his teammate, Kyle Busch, left the team because they could not provide him with an extension of his contract. NASCAR legend Kenny Wallace believes that Ty Gibbs will have a lot of pressure, considering that he will succeed the great driver, Kyle Busch.

Although Gibbs has qualities, he has a difficult task ahead of him. Gibbs will have to justify the trust shown. “So, we all know that Ty Gibbs just won the Xfinity Championship. We do know that he is replacing Kyle Bush.

What better way for a fresh start than a new number? So, the new number will be Ty Gibbs’s, number 54. You say to yourself, why? What? How come? Well, that’s a lot of pressure on Ty,” Kenny Wallace said.

Dale Earnhardt Jr on Ty Gibbs

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

commented on Gibbs and is one of the biggest critics. “I was given the same open canvas when I lost my dad. I’m not going to worry about what he says, how he talks, the words he uses, or what he does on the track.

I’m going to let him do what he wants to do. I’m talking for a while. I’m not going to be critical and judgmental of anything going on with him,” Dale Earnhardt Jr. said in his podcast. Dale Earnhardt Jr.

recently talked about mistakes in his early career that he regrets. “If I could talk to that version of myself — I would slap the s— out of me. I would. I’m so angry with that person, that decision, and that choice to split from Tony Sr”.

That was a bad, bad choice. I thought in my mind I was going to be better off with someone else, that man I bet you there’s somebody else who can give me better cars … And that decision had an effect on Tony Jr.

and Tony Sr.’s life, moving forward, for years. And my life. My career,”.