Noah Gragson: I'm shocked by the arrival of Jimmie Johnson

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Noah Gragson: I'm shocked by the arrival of Jimmie Johnson

Jimmie Johnson surprised everyone with his return to NASCAR. Johnson will be part of Petty GMS Racing as a co-owner and part-time driver. Erik Jones and Noah Gragson will have a great mentor, and one of those who is surprised by Jimmie's arrival is Gragson.

“I don’t think anyone — I was shocked personally — would have thought in their wildest dreams that Jimmie Johnson and Richard Petty and Maury Gallagher would team up to own a NASCAR Cup Series team,” Noah Gragson said.

Gragson could not hide his excitement and believes that it is a great thing that he will have the opportunity to cooperate with such big names. “But obviously, a very special moment that we’ve had today, listening to Maury and Richard and Mike Beam and Jimmie just kind of reflect on their goals and vision, where they want to take this.

I think it’s obviously a very special moment, and [I’m] just excited to get to work with these guys,”

Noah and Jimmie Johnson

Noah Gragson has always tried to gain knowledge from Jimmie, and this is an additional opportunity.

“[I] felt like a little brother just wearing out the big brother. Not comparing that he is like a big brother figure to me right now, but in the sense of, like, I was trying to gain as much knowledge as I could from him.

So, he was always open to helping me out, and really, really grateful for that,”. He didn't forget Erik Jones either, with whom he has a great relationship. “Jimmie, obviously, [brings] a lot of value into the team and different aspects.

And personally, I think that it’s really special for everybody involved. Everyone’s really excited. And [I’m] excited to be able to be teammates with Erik Jones full time. He’s a great driver as well,” Noah Gregson added.