Kevin Harvick revealed plans for the future and surprised fans!

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Kevin Harvick revealed plans for the future and surprised fans!

Kevin Harvick is the oldest driver on the NASCAR scene right now. Despite being 47 years old, Harvick is still just as motivated. He showed that he still has strength in him and that he is a quality driver. Kevin Harvick spoke about the future at one of the press conferences.

He still doesn't know what will happen. “I don’t really have a clear answer on that right now. I think as we get to Daytona, I know 100% that we will have a direction because I’m not going to start the season without knowing that direction,”.

There are many factors that will influence his decision, which will certainly not be easy. “There are just a lot of layers to unfold and really go through and evaluate. And so, we’ll see. I think it could go either way at this particular point,”.

Kevin Harvick

Harvick is a man who never gives up and always wants to do his best. A month ago, Harvick was just talking about his commitment. “That’s just something from when I wrestled in high school and raced our Late Models, it was always pounded into my head that it’s OK to not be good, but it’s not OK to quit.

It’s never OK to not give it 100 percent. It’s never OK to quit grinding away for every single second of whatever it is you’re doing because you’re letting yourself down,” Kevin Harvick said. Although, as we have already said, Harvick is 47 years old, he still does not give up on progress “Every day is different.

Every day you have to find something to improve on and it’s a constant improvement. There’s a saying that we live by and it’s, ‘Evolve or die,’ and this year that saying has never been more relevant,” added Kevin Harvick.