NASCAR continued cooperation with a 'big' partner!

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NASCAR continued cooperation with a 'big' partner!

The Goodyear and NASCAR partnership has a long-standing partnership that has turned out to be a great thing. Their partnership has been going on since 1954, and now they have decided to continue where they started. Namely, both parties decided to continue cooperation..

Steve Phelps, the president of NASCAR, is happy about this chance, and the opportunity to cooperate with Goodyear.
“Goodyear has been a trusted partner to the NASCAR industry since 1954, playing a critical role in our shared pursuit to deliver the best racing in the world,”.- Phelps said.

Their partnership will mean a huge thing for everyone involved in the process. They want to evolve and influence the progress of NASCAR. “For more than 25 years, Goodyear Eagle tires have been the only component that connects the stock car to the racetrack.

Our continued partnership will allow us to push boundaries and innovate our racing product for generations to come,”.

Richard J.Kramer on cooperation with NASCAR

Richard J. Kramer, chairman, chief executive officer, and president at Goodyear is aware of the qualities that Goodyear possesses.

They want to continue with the same goals they have had so far. The respect on both sides is obvious.
“From our manufacturing plants to offices around the world, racing is ingrained in our culture, and the importance of our relationship with NASCAR is reflected in the quality, performance, and engineering we put into every Goodyear Eagle race tire,”
Goodyear and NASCAR seem to be inseparable.

Their collaboration has been going on for so long that it would be hard to imagine NASCAR without Goodyear and vice versa. “Our performance on the racetrack plays an active role in the success of the sport and inspires the development of our consumer tires, fueling our commitment to take performance and innovation to the next year,”.

NASCAR wants to continue progress and they already have many ideas under consideration. Such things only speak of the seriousness of their ambitions.