Kevin Harvick on Joey Logano: “He has a voice that he uses"

“That’s where my head is at right is, ‘Let’s go get another one,’- Logano said

by Sead Dedovic
Kevin Harvick on Joey Logano: “He has a voice that he uses"

Joey Logano is a man who is one of the most recognizable faces of the NASCAR scene. His achievements speak volumes for him. Logano is one of the greatest ambassadors of this sport, and a man who can do a lot with his voice. Kevin Harvick also talked about it when he mentioned Joey Logano.

“He has a voice that he uses and participates in many of the activities and things that it takes to help us progress. It’s been an interesting year to understand where everything is at, and I’m guilty of it as well and not participating in doing the things that we need to do,” Kevin Harvick said.

Logano has shown his ambition many times. He is never satisfied with small things and always wants to go one step further. And this time it's the same. Logano revealed that the goal is to win the title in 2023 as well. It will not be an easy feat, but what is most important is the fact that Joey believes in himself.

“That’s where my head is at right is, ‘Let’s go get another one,’.

Joey Logano on the title

The competition in NASCAR is huge. Precisely because of this, Logano is aware of how difficult it is to reach the title.

There are many quality teams and drivers, but only one is the best in the end. “It is something special though, for sure. Winning championships is hard in professional sports, right? This is so hard to come by and do, and everything has to come together at the right time,”.

There are many factors that play a role; From the quality team, the car and even the driver himself. “It’s not just the driver, but the team, the cars. Everything has to be clicking at the right time to be able to do it,”.

Harvick is also a driver who always gives his best, and he talked about it a few months ago. “That’s just something from when I wrestled in high school and raced our Late Models, it was always pounded into my head that it’s OK to not be good, but it’s not OK to quit.

It’s never OK to not give it 100 percent. It’s never OK to quit grinding away for every single second of whatever it is you’re doing because you’re letting yourself down,” Kevin Harvick said.

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