Kevin Harvick on retiring: I had two doubts

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Kevin Harvick on retiring: I had two doubts

Kevin Harvick surprised many with his retirement decision, although we could have expected it. It was a tough decision, but Harvick decided it was best for him. “It was tough. It was as tough of a decision as I’ve ever had to make,” Harvick said, as quoted by “I had been contemplating it for the last five years probably.

You look five years ago and there were really no signs that said you should stop today because of this or that or really anything. So, I just kept driving. Then Covid came (in 2020) and everything was really so simple because you really didn’t have to do anything anymore from an appearance standpoint and all the things that we didn’t have to do that come with our sport in a normal year.

For a year-and-a-half to two years, everything was really easy”.

Kevin Harvick and his decision

Kevin wanted his decision to be the right one. He had two dilemmas, but he decided on the one that was best for him. “These last couple of years it really became a decision of do you retire at the end of 2022 or the end of 2023? There were two decisions that came with that,” he said.

“If you retire at the end of 2022 do you go to the banquet, walk of the stage, tell everybody you’re done and you probably leave everybody hanging and you’re going to have some people mad." The year 2023 was still the final decision.

Harvick wanted everything to go according to plan. He didn't want to just say goodbye to everyone. "The right way to do that – and we started the process a year-and-a-half ago or so – was to have a proper plan, plan the year out correctly.

Do the work that came with it with respect to your race team, the people that have been with you for 10 years now, or people who have – I have some who have worked with me for 25 years – try to go out and give them the opportunity to do what
they need to do going forward, celebrate it with everybody and give the race fans who have supported you for 20-25 years the opportunity to come out and watch one more race. All signs just professionally pointed to 2023 and doing it the right way”.