Kevin Harvick on the relationship with his son and 'issues' with his father

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Kevin Harvick on the relationship with his son and 'issues' with his father

Kevin Harvick is one of the greatest NASCAR legends. A few days ago, Harvick confirmed that he will retire at the end of the next season. This is the final decision of this great driver. Kevin Harvick has a son, Keelan, to whom he pays a lot of attention and wants to make him a great man and a great driver.

Kevin had a similar relationship with his father, although they did not speak for 10-15 years. “It got to a point with my dad where I didn’t speak to him for 10-15 years so it was a big wedge but there were a lot of things that were right as far as handling things and pushing past barriers.

I’m pretty strict with Keelan as far as being responsible for the things he does and sometimes it’s a little too far but I think we’ve found a pretty good balance,” Kevin Harvick said in Stacking Pennies show.

Kevin Harvick on his son

Kevin wants his son to do his best and overcome his limits. "How do you know you are pushing your kid too far unless you push him too far? You don’t know how it’s going to affect him unless you get right up to that edge,”.

In addition to his son, he also has a 5-year-old daughter, Piper, who follows in the same footsteps as her father and brother. Really, a great family. “In the last year, I think I’ve seen Keelan race three times while he’s been in Europe.

I go to the go-kart track with Piper, and she makes twice as many strides in a day while I’m there than she would in a day when I’m not there. It takes a lot of time to organize the level of racing they’re doing, and to be around that is important to me,” he said.