Erik Jones on expectations for the LA Clash

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Erik Jones on expectations for the LA Clash

The race in LA will be a great prelude to what awaits us. Erik Jones is an optimist and expects the best from himself. His ambitions are big. “I’m excited to start the season this weekend at the LA Coliseum with the Clash.

Last year we went into this race not really knowing what to expect, but we were able to get a good finish. I think this year, we are a little more prepared, and hopefully, we can get the season started with a win and set the tone for the year,” Erik Jones said.

“NASCAR and everyone involved have done a great job making this race a fun environment and bringing new eyes to our sport. It’ll be nice to get back in the No. 43 Camaro and kick things off for the 2023 season with LEGACY MOTOR CLUB,”

Noah Gregson

Noah Gregson also wants to do his best.

He is aware of how important the race in LA is, so he will be careful in this adventure. “We’ve had a lot of great things going for us at LEGACY MOTOR CLUB, and I’m looking forward to starting our year on the right foot this weekend in Los Angeles.

The Clash is a great event that NASCAR has put on; I watched the race on TV last year and was pretty excited about what I could take away as a fan of the sport,”. He is still getting used to everything that awaits him, but we have no doubts about his qualities.

“As far as expectations go, I think the key for us will be to make the race first and foremost and then continue to learn about this new car before we start points racing. I’ve still got a lot to learn competing at this level, but I’m ready to get things underway with my No. 42 Sunseeker Resorts team,”.