Kyle Busch calls out 'two-faced' Joey Logano

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Kyle Busch calls out 'two-faced' Joey Logano
Kyle Busch calls out 'two-faced' Joey Logano

Joey Logano and Kyle Busch have continued their rivalry, and it looks like it will last for a long time. Logano dumped Busch in the 86th lap of the LA Clash. After the race, Busch was quite frustrated and had something to say; "He’s (Logano) got another one coming.

I owe him a few,” Busch believes that Logano is a two-faced person. He wished him luck before the race, but Logano's move provoked Busch. “It’s really unfortunate to get raced by guys that are so two-faced.

We were in the TV booth earlier in the night together, and when we were all done with that he was like, ‘Hey man, good luck tonight’ and I said, ‘Great, thanks, yeah. Whatever.’ And then low and behold, there you go, he wrecks me.

Don’t even talk to me if you’re going to be that kind of an (expletive) on the race track,” Kyle Busch said.

Richard Childress' reaction

Richard Childress asked Busch to do something about Logano. Busch, however, acted in a different way.

“Richard, I know he’s prone to key up a little bit here now and again. That was fine. He came on the radio, and he goes, ‘[Logano] just flat out drove through you,’ and I’m like, ‘Well, what do you want me to do about it?’ Trust me, I started behind [Logano] a couple of times on restarts and never really got a great chance.

I probably could have, but it was more important to go forward than retaliate,” There is a great atmosphere in their team and you can feel how much this all means to them. “We’ve been working well together this whole weekend off the track, on the track, and having the opportunity of being able to take care of one another on a couple of those restarts.

That’s just a good omen for great teamwork and good sportsmanship from the two of us, so let’s keep that rolling,” Kyle Busch added.

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