Joey Logano on rumors that Superspeedway races are pure luck

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Joey Logano on rumors that Superspeedway races are pure luck
Joey Logano on rumors that Superspeedway races are pure luck

This season, Joey Logano could be a very dangerous driver once again. The fact that he won the championship the previous year makes many believe that he may be able to repeat the same success this year. NASCAR drivers certainly find the Daytona 500 to be one of the greatest challenges in their racing careers.

Logano made a comment during one of the press conferences about the rumor that Superspeedway races are lucky. Logano is not a fan of such things. This is one of the reasons that he believes that knowledge and qualities are still needed in such races.

Although, as in every race, there will always be some things that you aren't able to influence, Logano still believes that quality can be found in such races, regardless of factors out of your control. “It’s all about how much effort you’re willing to put into something.

I don’t think anybody at Penske looks at speedway racing as a luck thing. Sometimes you just have a bad placement. But the majority of it is if you can control some things or you can keep yourself towards the front. If you get wrecked in the front, you get wrecked in the front.

Like, what are you going to do? But I think you can still put yourself up there with doing things correctly”. - Logano said, as quoted by

NASCAR styles

In NASCAR, you have different driver profiles. Logano believes that team unity and tactics are one of the most important factors.

Of course, each driver prepares for the race differently, so it is difficult to predict the final outcome. "Now everybody has their own style. Like Ryan Blaney’s style out there is significantly different from mine and what I’m willing to do compared to what he’s willing to do. We drive our cars two completely different ways in the draft”.

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