Kyle Larson: Couldn’t be happier for Kyle Busch


Kyle Larson: Couldn’t be happier for Kyle Busch

Kyle Busch was able to take the win at Auto Club Speedway, Fontana. Although this is only the second appearance for RCR, Busch gave indications with this victory that he will be in the competition for the top. Kyle Larson, another great NASCAR driver, sent a message on Twitter after Kyle's win.

“Couldn’t be happier for Kyle Busch. The guy is one of the best race car drivers ever and will always be. I’m glad it only took him two races to remind the world,” he tweeted. Chase Elliott is also happy about Busch's performance and what he consistently shows.

“Congratulations to Kyle (Busch). For him to leave and then go get the job done like that is pretty cool. He’s always been really good to me, so happy for them and looking forward to getting to Vegas and hopefully competing for some more wins,”.

Kyle Busch and his impressions after the victory

Kyle Busch was overjoyed after the win. He is happy that he chose exactly that team, in which he sees a great perspective. “This is just phenomenal. I can’t thank Richard and Judy, Childress, enough.

I can’t thank Dillon enough for calling me and getting me talking and getting me this opportunity to a come over here to Richard Childress Racing and be a part of Chevrolet and be able to race the Lucas Oil Chevrolet Camaro today.

To be able to put it up front like that, man,” Kyle Busch said. Kyle Busch used the moment to praise his teammates. “We put ourselves in a different situation and were able to come out here and be rewarded. It’s not always about me winning, but it’s about the guys.

I’ve been with a lot of great people that have given me a lot of great opportunities in my career, so it’s awesome to be able to reward them. I’m going to enjoy this win for sure, and hopefully, there’s many more to come,” Kyle Busch added.

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