William Byron on NASCAR's new aero rules: The car was really difficult to drive

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William Byron on NASCAR's new aero rules: The car was really difficult to drive

NASCAR's new aero rules will apparently change a lot of things that we could see in the last race when such rules were officially applied. It could be seen that most of the drivers had a problem. It was much harder to drive the car, and they also slid around the track.

William Byron, who won the last race, spoke about his impressions after the new aero rules. “I thought (the car) was really difficult to drive. Like from an objective standpoint, I know we were competitive, but I didn’t think we could pass any better,” said Byron, as quoted by motorsport.com “There’s still some work to do there with something going on with how tight they get in traffic.

They were certainly hard to drive and I think that’s a good test to see who is the best out there (on the track). I think it just shows, like, guys were having to drive their cars and manage that. It made for a really difficult challenge inside the race car.

How many times I slipped, how much slip was too much, how much was enough to keep going fast. That was a good challenge”.

William Byron talks about cars

Byron expects big changes regarding cars. He couldn't help but mention the balance and slide, which was a big problem for most.

“The cars are going to change a tremendous amount. I kind of keep that in the back of my mind. As far as the balance goes, I thought we had the balance really good to start the race. I was sliding around a lot. Seemed to be sliding less than everybody else.

Just when I got back in second, the dirty air is so significant, I just started to get tight. As soon as I was hung up in second, I just focused on trying to be consistent and maybe we get to lap traffic and something would happen”.

William Byron