Ryan Blaney: I want to win the championship

"We have to win races. We made some big mistakes"

by Sead Dedovic
Ryan Blaney: I want to win the championship

It is possible that Ryan Blaney will be a pleasant surprise this season. The driver is a great optimist and has entered this season with the goal of being at the very top, and more specifically, to win the NASCAR Cup Series this season.

As a result of the large number of mistakes he made in the previous season, the previous season was not good for him. Blaney seems to have learned quite a bit from last season, and he wants to put what he learned into practice this season.

One of the most important things is that the team is extremely optimistic about him and what Blaney can accomplish in the future. “I want to win the championship. We have to win races. We made some big mistakes. Early in the year, we had some trouble on pit road that kept us from winning.

Later in the year, I made some mistakes that kept us from winning and out of the championship hunt. We have to limit those and apply them for the better”. - Blaney said, as quoted by firstsportz.com

Team Penske

There was a great deal of success for Team Penske last season, with Joey Logano winning the NASCAR Cup Championship and bringing the team to the top.

It's Blaney's hope that he can do the same this year as well. “Coming off a year of getting to learn the new car and making adjustments – obviously, the end of the year was great for Penske with Joey winning the championship – we have our heads held high.

We’re hoping that momentum rolls into this year. You take what you learned and develop and change it because you can always get better”. Collaboration with Jonathan Hassler is especially important to Blaney. “I’m looking forward to my second year working with my crew chief Jonathan Hassler. Hopefully, we’re going in the right direction”. We will see how much Joey Logano can really do.

Ryan Blaney