NASCAR All-Star Race: Kevin Harvick to drive his old 29 Ford

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NASCAR All-Star Race: Kevin Harvick to drive his old 29 Ford

As part of the NASCAR All-Star race, Kevin Harvick is scheduled to drive his old 29 Ford. There is no doubt that this will be a great moment for all of the fans, as well as for Harvick. Kevin recalled his old Ford and some of his favorite moments from his career during an interview he took part in.

“When I sat in the No. 29 for the first time, it really wasn’t by choice, but I definitely wouldn’t have done it any differently. Dale’s passing changed our sport forever, and it changed my life forever and the direction it took.

Looking back on it now, I realize the importance of getting in the Cup car, and then I wound up winning my first race at Atlanta in the No. 29 car after Dale’s death. The significance and the importance of keeping that car on the race track and winning that race early at Atlanta – knowing now what it meant to the sport, and just that moment in general of being able to carry on – was so important.

”- he said.

Kevin Harvick on his moments

Moments from the beginning of your career are what you always remember. Harvick never forgot a single detail. "I had a great 13 years at RCR and really learned a lot through the process because of being thrown into Dale’s car, where my first press conference as a Cup Series driver was the biggest press conference I would ever have in my career, where my first moments were my biggest moments”.

North Wilkesboro is a special place for him, and because of that, this race means even more to him. “With the All-Star Race going to North Wilkesboro – a place with a ton of history – we thought it made sense in a year full of milestones and moments to highlight where it all started”.

Kevin Harvick