Brad Keselowski on Denny Hamlin's penalty: He wanted to send a message


Brad Keselowski on Denny Hamlin's penalty: He wanted to send a message

During his Action Detrimental podcast, Denny Hamlin pleaded guilty after sending Ross Chastain to the wall. What still surprised many was the late reaction of NASCAR. Namely, they decided to take away 25 points from him and fine him 50,000 dollars.

Hamlin decided to appeal. Keselowski supported Hamlin and explained why Hamlin acted the way he did; “What stood out to me was Danny saying, ‘I needed to make a statement.’ I think what he’s really trying to say is, ‘I’ve got good cars.

I’ve got a good team. I’m getting wrecked too much, and I want not just him to know. I want everybody to know that this is how I’m going to race you back if this happens,” Keselowski said. “I really think that’s at the heart of what Denny was saying.

Yeah, I’m sure he’s very frustrated with some of the incidents he’s had with Ross. But he’s also trying to say to everybody else like this is too far,”

Drew Blickensderfer shares his opinion

Aric Almirola's crew chief, Drew Blickensderfer, believes that Hamlin will not stop there.

Many are frustrated with Chastain's aggressiveness and what he does. However, the question is how profitable it is to do such things for Hamlin. This conflict could last a long time, but it is unlikely that anyone will win in that story.

“I don’t think it’s over because I don’t think that was enough punishment in Denny’s mind. There’s a lot of people that Ross has run into, a lot of people he’s ruffled feathers too.

The Denny thing’s big because we see it out in the public eye. Those two are up-front running when they’re doing this most of the time. So, I think this is probably not the end of it for lots of reasons,” Blickensderfer said.

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