Kevin Harvick and his interesting opinion on Denny Hamlin's penalty

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Kevin Harvick and his interesting opinion on Denny Hamlin's penalty
Kevin Harvick and his interesting opinion on Denny Hamlin's penalty (Provided by Financial World)

The intentional wreck that Denny Hamlin caused against Ross Chastain at the Phoenix Raceway has become the subject of many discussions and debates for several reasons. Namely, Denny Hamlin made a big mistake when he admitted in his podcast that he did it on purpose.

NASCAR reacted immediately and fined him 25 points, as well as $50,000. Of course, Hamlin is furious after the late reaction and feels that NASCAR has no right to do such things. In the wake of the incident, Kevin Harvick voiced his opinion and said that this kind of thing shouldn't be a part of NASCAR in the future.

"I think this situation, in particular, has just gone way overboard. And right now, it’s affecting the teams. At Pocono, I got affected by Denny wiping out Ross Chastain and ran into Ross. And so, really, it’s affecting every competitor on the race track”.

Kevin Harvick believes that things like this can hurt the driver and lead to even bigger problems. "I think it’s a fine line between letting everybody have their personalities and doing what they need to do. But in this current situation, we still have the possibility of drivers getting hurt and I don’t like wrecking under caution.

I don’t like the fact that we’re intentionally wrecking drivers”.

Brad Keselowski reacted

On the other hand, Brad Keselowski supported Hamlin and believes that by this he wanted to say that his goal is to defend himself, and that he will not tolerate the same things again.

“What stood out to me was Danny saying, ‘I needed to make a statement.’ I think what he’s really trying to say is, ‘I’ve got good cars. I’ve got a good team. I’m getting wrecked too much, and I want not just him to know.

I want everybody to know that this is how I’m going to race you back if this happens,” Keselowski said. “I really think that’s at the heart of what Denny was saying. Yeah, I’m sure he’s very frustrated with some of the incidents he’s had with Ross. But he’s also trying to say to everybody else like this is too far,”

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