Jenson Button before his NASCAR debut: I forgot how to start the car

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Jenson Button before his NASCAR debut: I forgot how to start the car
Jenson Button before his NASCAR debut: I forgot how to start the car (Provided by Financial World)

Jenson Button will make his NASCAR Cup Series debut at COTA. Button is excited about the challenge that awaits him, but also a little nervous. “I mean first of all ... A little bit anxious but excited at the same time," he said, as quoted by "I forgot how to start the car which was interesting.

So they pushed the car back, and I’m like ‘It won’t start.’ There were a few other switches I had to put up. But then it was okay." There are many things that he did not expect and that he had to learn.

Button was surprised by several things. However, given his experience and talent, we have no doubt that he will improve things to the maximum. "I got onto the circuit and I was surprised by how little grip there was initially when I pulled away and the tires were cold.

But, it comes to you over time. The gear shifting is something that ... I’ve not never driven a sequential gearbox car. I’ve never pulled back going through the gears and pushed to go down. It’s something completely new to learn.

I’ve driven a manual gearbox, but you always go across the box. The last time I drove a gearbox like this was like in 1999. There’s a lot that you go back into the bank of info you’ve learned over the years, and you bring it out again.

It comes to you pretty quick. I really enjoyed it."


Spotters are also what Button is delighted with. He thinks it's a great thing, especially their voice. "It’s also interesting having spotters. I’ve never had spotters before.

So, I’ve got guys in my ear the whole way around telling me there’s traffic behind, there’s traffic in front – it’s quite soothing. I kind of like it. Our spotters have very soothing voices, which I think is good and it’s especially going to be good on Sunday when it’s manic out there.

That’s something else to learn – having my mirrors, so I can see around me. But they tell me all the fun information about what’s going on around me”. Button looked at one more thing that he hadn't until now.

However, he will have time to learn everything. "As I noticed here in practice, people don’t move out of the way when they’re on a slow lap and you’re on a quick lap. There’s a lot to learn. It’s a very, very different sports than what I’m used to."

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