Kyle Busch criticizes Ross Chastain for 'not knowing to race clean'


Kyle Busch criticizes Ross Chastain for 'not knowing to race clean'

NASCAR fans are becoming more and more interested in Ross Chastain as time goes by. As a result of his aggressive driving style, he causes a variety of reactions, most of which are negative. The majority of the fans believe that Chastain should change the way he races in the future because more serious problems could arise in the future if he continues to do so.

The COTA race was simply a confirmation that Chastain will continue to race in a 'dirty' fashion, which caused a reaction in the foreground of Kyle Busch as well. There was no direct mention of Chastain's name by Kyle Busch, but he did praise Tyler Reddick's driving style and the way he handled himself while racing.

“The biggest thing was I got alongside Reddick there on that restart into the esses, and I could have forced the issue and pushed him off or whatever. But we ran each other hard. We ran each other clean and gave each other room.

I respect the kid. He’s been nothing but great to me, so I give him respect back,” Kyle Busch said.

Kyle Busch and his reaction

In his post-race interview, Kyle Busch again praised his opponent and congratulated him for a very clean and successful race.

When Busch said the last sentence, he looked in the direction of Chastain directly after saying it. It told the whole story about Busch's thinking at that moment. “We’ve had some good races between each other. They were really fast.

They deserved to win. There’s no sense in taking it from him. Somebody else that doesn’t know anything about clean over here,” Busch concluded. This season is quite tense, and it seems as if all the drivers want to give their maximum. Nobody has anything against that, but the problem is only when they don't choose the means to achieve success.

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