Bubba Wallace shocked everyone: I decided to retire!

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Bubba Wallace shocked everyone: I decided to retire!
Bubba Wallace shocked everyone: I decided to retire! (Provided by Financial World)

Bubba Wallace shocked the entire NASCAR scene after he confirmed that he wants to retire. His decision was influenced by many factors, and the situation at the COTA race was the final straw for him. After the race, Wallace stated that he was extremely unhappy with his performance and that someone needed to replace him as soon as possible, as he was extremely dissatisfied with it.

When Wallace made his statement, no one seemed to take it seriously, but he seemed to be serious when he said it. Bubba Wallace confirmed the decision in a press conference: "Yes, it's true. I decided to end my career because I feel that I am tired of everything."
“Just trying my hardest not to go down this slippery slope of self-doubt right here.

Two weeks in a row of making rookie mistakes six years into Cup? Need to be replaced,”- he said after the race at COTA. After the race at COTA, fans reacted to his statement that he had to be replaced. "I get beating yourself up for your own mistakes, but his comment about needing to be replaced to me is just fishing for compliments to pump up his own confidence.

Stop trying so hard and just drive."- a NASCAR fan wrote on Twitter.

Bubba Wallace talks about the lack of respect

A few days ago, Wallace commented on the lack of respect in the NASCAR scene. “If you can get on the inside of me, you can get there.

It’s just a totally different style of racing. It’s kind of like butting heads. I agree with both sides. There’s no respect in the garage, but I try to race everybody with respect. Some guys go out here and just run you up the track, run you off the track.

If I do that, it’s by mistake. It’s not by design. But it’s from the top down,” said Bubba Wallace. If you have read the article to the end, yes, you have been the victim of April Fools!

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