Bubba Wallace unhappy with performances this season


Bubba Wallace unhappy with performances this season
Bubba Wallace unhappy with performances this season

Even though many were optimistic about Bubba Wallace's performance this season and expected the best from him, his performances disappointed many. In addition, Bubba is also aware of the fact that he can do better in the coming months.

The crew chief of Bubba Wallace, Bootie Barker, had the following comments to make regarding the performance of this team. At this moment, Barker put a great deal of emphasis on speed, which is a necessity for them at the moment.

“I would say the majority of the time we definitely got speed. We, as a group, though, the No. 23 car, we need to get better. We need to extract finishes from that speed. I feel like we will. We will. I’m not saying this stretch of tracks (in the past) was necessarily our favourites as far as our group, but that’s no excuse.

You got to run them. You got to do good. We better get after it here coming up. These are no excuse venues for us. Looking forward to them”. - he said.

Bubba Wallace after COTA

As a result of the COTA race, Bubba Wallace revealed that he was frustrated with himself.

There were a lot of people who were surprised by his interview after all. Specifically, Wallace had made the point that he should be replaced for a number of reasons. “Trying my hardest not to go down this slippery slope of self-doubt right here,” Wallace said.

“Two weeks in a row of making rookie mistakes six years into Cup?” he continued. “Need to be replaced”. Wallace is under enormous pressure, but he emphasized that he is trying to fight with it and give his best.

“I always say that I try not to let the pressure get to me, and most of the time it doesn’t because I already put enough pressure on myself,”

Bubba Wallace