Kyle Busch angry over NASCAR moves: Corey LaJoie must be penalized


Kyle Busch angry over NASCAR moves: Corey LaJoie must be penalized

After a couple of poor performances, Kyle Busch managed to take home the victory at Talladega. There has been a lot of criticism from Busch in regards to the rules and penalties in NASCAR in recent weeks. In the wake of the Denny Hamlin incident, Kyle Busch stood up for Denny and defended him.

Busch, on the other hand, is angry that the rules are not the same for everyone and is trying to change it. It is worth noting that in the last race, Corey LaJoie drove aggressively and it could have resulted in a very serious issue.

Busch believes that LaJoie must be penalized. “He was fading. I was not that great, but I was just that much better than he was, and he was running the top lane, which was my lane. I tried to go to the bottom several times, and my car would not run on the bottom.

I could not accelerate out of turnhout getting loose, and I kept getting loose and barely nudging him and touching him a little bit, coming out of the corners. And then he slammed down into me down the front stretch and admitted it on his podcast that he wanted to crash me and create a yellow.

And didn’t get penalized even though Denny Hamlin did. Again, our inconsistency of consistency is — or the other way around — is impeccable,” Busch said.

Kyle Busch on Corey LaJoie

In Kyle Busch's opinion, LaJoie has been doing the same things for a very long time.

There seems to be an obvious intent behind LaJoie's actions. How long will Kyle be able to deal with this situation is the question at hand. “I don’t know. Ask everyone else. As far as him with me, he’s been a pain in the d*** to race with and pass for years — just coming up and lapping him and things like that.

Every time I’m around him, it’s like he tries an extra 20% harder to make sure I stay behind him. Just not fun,” Kyle Busch said.

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