Denny Hamlin 'calls' drivers to retaliate against Ross Chastain


Denny Hamlin 'calls' drivers to retaliate against Ross Chastain
Denny Hamlin 'calls' drivers to retaliate against Ross Chastain

A topic that has been brought to the forefront more and more in the NASCAR scene is that of Ross Chastain and his aggressive driving style. There is no doubt that Chastain is a great driver who is willing to go far in order to win, and yet at times, this driver does not choose the means to do so.

Denny Hamlin, especially, is frustrated by this, and he is not the only one. Hamlin paid particular attention to Chastain's driving during his podcast as a result of this exact reason. In particular, the veteran is astonished by the fact that no one seems to react the same way to Chastain, although Ross is aware that his driving could cause such reactions in others.

“One thing I’ll say about Ross is he doesn’t mind you getting back at him. So why people in the field don’t just do it, I don’t understand. After Pocono, he crashed into the wall there, he says, ‘Well, I deserved that and probably a little more.’ And then, after Phoenix, he comes up and says, ‘Well, I probably deserve that.’ He’s not oblivious to knowing that he’s owed one,” -Denny Hamlin said on his podcast.

Denny Hamlin on Ross Chastain's driving style

In Hamlin's opinion, one of the drivers will eventually stop tolerating such things and do the same. Additionally, Denny stressed that there is a chance that NASCAR will react due to Chastain's style of driving, which is aggressive.

“Competitors have to just say, ‘F*** it, when I get my chance, I’m gonna get back at him, and then I’m just gonna say I made a mistake.’ That’s one way, right? Or NASCAR has to step in and say, like with (Carson) Hocevar, ‘Alright, we’ve had enough of it. You do this every week.’” We will see if some things will change in the near future.

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