Kyle Busch on team radio: Ross Chastain is f****** a****le


Kyle Busch on team radio: Ross Chastain is f******  a****le
Kyle Busch on team radio: Ross Chastain is f****** a****le

There has been a lot of reaction from NASCAR drivers due to Ross Chastain's aggressive driving style. There are many people who don't understand why Chastain does what he does and are frustrated with his approach. The race in Kansas, however, is a confirmation that he won't give up on his approach and that he wants to make sure that he is able to qualify for the playoffs.

Kyle Busch is one of those who decided to do the same and bumped twice into No:1 Chevy. Eventually, Kyle Busch got tired of Chastain and what he was doing and he told his crew on the radio that he couldn't tolerate it any longer: “He’s pissed because I’m pissed that he races like a f—ing a–hole, and so I doored him twice down the backstretch like ‘this is your warning, boy,’ Busch said.

Ross Chastain

The problem with NASCAR is that Chastain isn't the only one who drives aggressively, although he does it the most often. It seems that there are a lot of other people doing the same things, and it could lead to a lot of conflict and trouble in this season.

Busch is well aware of this, and has conveyed his belief that such things are totally unnecessary. “Yeah, it wasn’t just him. It was a lot of guys. It’s a product of the car. You’re three-tenths faster than a guy, you run him down from a half-a-straightaway back, and then you just stall when you get there.

You can’t maneuver, and you can’t pass, so all they do is aero-block you and pinch you and make you burn your tires up, and then you get passed by the guy that was behind you,” Kyle Busch said. It will be interesting to see if the situation will calm down any time soon.

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