Bubba Wallace on changing his mindset and fighting with himself

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Bubba Wallace on changing his mindset and fighting with himself
Bubba Wallace on changing his mindset and fighting with himself

Bubba Wallace is one of the most criticized NASCAR drivers. What is little known to many is that Wallace is a man who is 'hard on himself' Recently, this great driver decided to make life changes and focus on himself, as well as on the positive things around him.

In an interview with PEOPLE, Bubba Wallace talked about these changes. His family is his biggest supporter, especially his mother, who constantly encourages him and gives him motivation. "My mom's message said, 'If you want things to change, you need to change yourself.'

"- Wallace said. "I never was a big proponent of working out and doing all the necessary things. I was just like, 'I'm good.' "

Bubba Wallace and changes

In addition to changes related to his mindset and worldview, Wallace decided to make changes related to nutrition, exercise, and many other things.

Back problems have been a huge problem for him, but Wallace seems to be well on his way to solving that problem. "So whatever it may be, trying to eat better and just do things a little bit better. Taking care of myself better, and it's been good.

I'd always get out and my back would be really shot after a race, really stiff and just tense. It would last for three or four days. It'd be reset by the next weekend. I've noticed doing some core workouts and just strengthening up your back, that timeframe has gone down to two days.

It's just eating better, working out and just getting mentally stronger," -he says. Wallace does not want to be too critical of himself. His desire to be the best is the reason why he is sometimes disappointed, even when he plays a sport creatively like golf.

"I'm always combative with myself mentally each and every moment. I'm going to go play golf after I finish up here and that is the absolute worst place where I am the hardest on myself."

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