Kyle Busch comments on Chicago Street Race: Experienced driver seems worried


Kyle Busch comments on Chicago Street Race: Experienced driver seems worried

There is no doubt that the Chicago Street Race is one of the most anticipated races of the year. As this will be the first street race in the history of NASCAR, many people are worried about this race, but many are also looking forward to it.

The outcome of this race is difficult to predict at this point. This will be a very demanding race, and the experienced Kyle Busch commented on what he perceived would be the main problem for the drivers as they take part in this race.

“You’re coming down this straightaway, and there’s another straightaway there, but the ground, the road is separated with a wall in the middle, and there’s cones that are blocking off where they don’t want you to go, so I thought that was weird,” Busch said.

Busch emphasized that many things are weird, but he did not want to go deeper into that topic. “I’m like, just extend the wall, but maybe they don’t want to extend the wall because they need areas for safety crews to get out.

I’m not the scientist on that. It just seemed weird when you’re coming around the corner, and you’ve got to miss the end of a wall,” Busch continued.

Austin Cindric on Chicago Street Race

Austin Cindric, another great driver, is aware that he will have no chance for mistakes.

“Like Circuit of the Americas, the last road course we ran on, I could screw up and go 100 feet into the runoff and keep going. Whereas Chicago, or any street courses, there is zero room for error,” Cindric said.

This will be a huge challenge for everyone, considering that they are not used to this type of race. “Whether it’s track blockages or guys making mistakes, having cautions throughout the race, all types of those things I think will be different and come into play differently than they would on most of our road courses because a mistake is a damage. It’s not lost time,” Cindric added.

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