Denny Hamlin comments on Chase Elliott's suspension

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Denny Hamlin comments on Chase Elliott's suspension
Denny Hamlin comments on Chase Elliott's suspension

As a result of Chase Elliott wrecking him, Denny Hamlin can be happy because NASCAR was quick to react when he suffered a neck injury following the wreck. It has been announced that Chase Elliott will be suspended for the next race.

This suspension has been received with satisfaction by Denny Hamlin. "They are putting a line in the sand of what they deem acceptable and what they don't," -Hamlin said, as quoted by Hamlin believes that things were clear and that NASCAR had to make such moves.

"Certainly I think with all the information they have nowadays, it's easier to confirm what they think they see with the naked eye. This is probably a point where all the drivers recognize now what you can and can't do." Bubba Wallace did the same when he wrecked into Kyle Larson last year.

He received the same suspension as Elliott. "I publicly reprimanded Bubba for those actions last year," -Hamlin said. "It was absolutely unacceptable and we were very public as a race team on what we thought about that move."

Ryan Blaney comments on Elliott's suspension

Ryan Blaney also commented on the incident that happened.

He is especially happy with NASCAR's moves because he believes that all drivers deserve the same treatment. It is a guarantee for fair competition. “In their position, what happened to Bubba last year is very similar to Monday night.

I feel like if you’re going to make a call on one guy for making some move, you have to be consistent in what you call on another guy for making a move,” -Blaney said. “That’s just kind of what it is.

It’s good that they were kind of consistent in the calls for the exact same kind of retaliation, and I think that’s how it should be. That’s kind of the most dangerous move I think you can do to somebody is the hook deal,” -Blaney added.

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