Toyota expects Bubba Wallace to win the race in 2023


Toyota expects Bubba Wallace to win the race in 2023
Toyota expects Bubba Wallace to win the race in 2023

The 23XI Racing team expects big things from Bubba Wallace, and they are hopeful that the future holds great things for him. While Wallace has yet to win a race in this season, the team is still filled with optimism. Toyota Racing Development President David Wilson is one of those who believe in Bubba Wallace and hopes that Wallace will achieve victory, thus helping them achieve their goal.

“Now our target at the beginning of the year was five into the top 16 for the playoffs. We still got one to go, and I really do believe that the way Bubba is running — he’s not a big road course guy, OK, and he’ll admit that himself.

But otherwise, you know, intermediates, he’s one of the top cars. So I think I really expect Bubba to win at least once this year and again claim our fifth position in the playoffs,” -Wilson said.

Denny Hamlin on Bubba Wallace

The 23XI Racing co-owner and Joe Gibbs Racing diver Denny Hamlin made a statement a few months ago about how much he believes in Bubba Wallace.

In terms of Wallace's performance, he expected him to finish in the top 12. This seems to be a realistic goal, and many are of the opinion that Wallace will be able to accomplish it. It is likely that he will face interesting challenges in the future.

At this point, Bubba must show his skills in the best possible way in order to prove his quality. “I expect both of our guys to make the playoffs, and I expect both of them to be top 12 in points. I mean, certainly we expect him (Wallace) to make the playoffs.

You know, Bubba did such a great job. I mean, he finished top 10 in points for us racing in the playoffs. Not many people know that that 45 car with Bubba driving it finished 10th in points last year in that playoff run so he did a great job,” -Denny Hamlin said.

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