Kyle Busch wants to break Dale Earnhardt's record


Kyle Busch wants to break Dale Earnhardt's record

It is no secret that Kyle Busch has had one of the greatest careers in NASCAR history. Throughout his life, he has always set high goals for himself, and he would like to continue doing so in the future as well. This time his goal is to break Dale Earnhardt's record for the number of victories.

For such a feat to be achieved, he still has to win 13 races. “I would have said — probably the 2015 to 2019 timeframe when I was winning five, six at a clip — that that’s definitely obtainable. And then we kind of slow down the last few years, and then I would have probably told you, ‘I don’t know if I’ll get there,” -Busch said.

Kyle Busch and Dale Earnhardt

The results in the last few years have not been as ideal as Kyle Busch might have hoped for, according to the driver. It should be noted, however, that Busch is still a great driver and has a good chance of actually breaking Earnhardt's record.

Keeping an eye on Kyle's races in the future will certainly prove to be interesting. Does Busch really have the quality and what it takes to break such a record? We will have to wait and see what happens. “And then this year, we’ve got three, and I feel like there’s plenty more.

So hopefully we can continue to showcase that at RCR with the 8 car and go out there and win some more. I think anything’s possible. I think it would be more fair to talk about, I guess, once I at least hit 70. Right? Which that could probably happen by the end of next year, so hopefully it does,” -Busch added. Among the many drivers who made this sport so popular are Kyle Busch and Dale Earnhardt.

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