Clint Bowyer: Dale Earnhardt and Kyle Busch have a lot in common


Clint Bowyer: Dale Earnhardt and Kyle Busch have a lot in common
Clint Bowyer: Dale Earnhardt and Kyle Busch have a lot in common

Kyle Busch is the man who we always expect to provide us with the best performance. It is the same this season. The great NASCAR driver is gaining a lot of attention this season due to the fact that he has been phenomenal. It is widely believed that Busch may be able to win the NASCAR Cup Series this season.

It has been four years since Busch won his last championship, and now he is hoping to do the same four years later. Clint Bowyer, a former great NASCAR driver and now a Fox pundit, commented on Kyle Busch's performances and emphasized that Busch reminds him of Dale Earnhardt in terms of his driving style.

“They’re literally the front-runner for the championship and have the Dale Earnhardt, if behind the wheel. Now, mind you — I know I’m headstrong when I say this — they have the driver behind the wheel, shows glimpses of what Dale Earnhardt did behind the wheel.

His restarts. His Intimidator persona. All of that is in Kyle Busch inside the race car,” Bowyer said on a SiriusXM NASCAR Radio appearance.

Dale Earnhardt Jr: There’s really nothing between the two

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

has made it clear over the course of one of his appearances that he believes Kyle Busch and his father have nothing in common. Dale is very surprised by the continual comparisons between the two, given that he has a completely different opinion.

“I think that the comparison ends at they’re winners and they’re champions, but there’s really nothing between the two. And I know both of them pretty well. There’s nothing else that reminds me of either one of them.

I wonder why — Clint says that every broadcast very emphatically. I kind of wonder what he sees that maybe we don’t see,”-Dale Jr. said.

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