Trackhouse team owner delighted with Ross Chastain

"We got so many great talented people, two great race car drivers, amazing partners"

by Sead Dedovic
Trackhouse team owner delighted with Ross Chastain

Ross Chastain scores the first win of 2023 at Nashville Superspeedway. It came as no surprise to anyone that Trackhouse Racing was in a crisis, but Chastian showed that they possess immense quality and caused a great deal of optimism among all.

Justin Marks, the owner of the Trackhouse team, was unable to hide his happiness after the huge success the team experienced. Marks has never doubted the quality of his team or his drivers, despite the fact that things haven't gone their way in the last few weeks.

"Last couple weeks have been a little bit tough for us," -Marks said, as quoted by "We got so many great talented people, two great race car drivers, amazing partners. I think what we're doing is special, feels special.

It's hard for new teams to come in this sport at this level and be successful. But we've got two incredible race car drivers. I think Ross showed today that he's really in rare air in this series, at this level. He's learning, he's maturing.

It's an incredible moment for us."


There is something special about Nashville for the team. Besides the fact that they work with a number of partners in Nashville, they also have a large fan base there as well. He is happy that Nashville was a happy place for them.

"Everybody that works on this team, we build these cars, work on these cars in North Carolina, but this is a Middle Tennessee company. Ty (Norris) and Matt (Norris) and Dean (Stoyer), we run this company out of Nashville, Tennessee.

We have great partners like Tootsies in Nashville, Tennessee, some great support. All the Worldwide Express people here this weekend, what an incredible weekend for them. Carson winning the truck race, Ross getting his first pole, putting the performance on and winning this race." He emphasized that they have a great cooperation with Worldwide Express, and especially with Rob Rose, who was the president of Worldwide Express.

Unfortunately, he passed away last year. "We lost Rob Rose a year ago here in Nashville. He was such a believer in Trackhouse and this company, Worldwide Express' partnership in this company. For us to put a weekend on like this, it's emotional. I'm so proud of each and every person in this company."

Ross Chastain