Joey Logano calls out NASCAR: We designed a car that hurts the drivers more

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Joey Logano calls out NASCAR: We designed a car that hurts the drivers more
Joey Logano calls out NASCAR: We designed a car that hurts the drivers more

When NASCAR introduced the Next Gen cars, many thought it would affect driver safety and improve things in that regard. However, lately NASCAR has been receiving more and more complaints from drivers, considering that they are dissatisfied with safety.

One of the drivers who thinks that the process is going slowly is Joey Logano, who is absolutely dissatisfied with the situation. “There’s no doubt last year the back of the cars were too stiff. We made a change.

The front of the cars is now too stiff. The changes aren’t coming until next week”. - Joey Logano said. According to Joey Logano, even on the contrary, things are going in a worse direction, and everyone lacks optimism.

There is no doubt that NASCAR will have to react as soon as possible since the problems can evolve into much bigger problems as time goes on. “Took way too long, and we almost hurt a driver again because of it. So we’re just too slow.

We’re too slow. We designed a car that hurts the drivers more. Took a serious step backwards from a safety standpoint, and we almost hurt another one last week,” Joy Logano continued.

Joey Logano reacts; We need to walk the tracks ourselves

Joey Logano doesn't want to be alone in the whole story.

He needs the support of his fellow drivers, who must defend Logano. “Just not fast enough. And we just need to do a good job of looking for any possible scenario that can hurt us. We need to walk the tracks ourselves. We need to find those areas, and we need to be loud.

We got to be loud about where the issues are,” Logano said. The question is whether and when NASCAR will react. There are also many fans who believe that changes must happen in the coming period. The question is how realistic it is.

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