NASCAR President Steve Phelps sends a message to NASCAR fans!

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NASCAR President Steve Phelps sends a message to NASCAR fans!

NASCAR President Steve Phelps has decided to send a message to all NASCAR fans ahead of the new exclusive season, which marks a new era for NASCAR “When the drivers fire their engines today at the L.A. Memorial Coliseum, NASCAR will officially begin a new era, and the future of our sport will be on full display for our industry and fans." NASCAR has decided to launch a new initiative and put us into a new era that will make NASCAR much better "The Next Gen race car has arrived and is ready for its debut to start the 2022 season.

The new car not only reinforces NASCAR’s commitment to best-in-class racing, it symbolizes the bold innovation that continues to drive us forward across all areas of the sport,” he said as quoted by motorsport “Its inaugural tour will follow a dynamic schedule that returns NASCAR to stock car racing’s hallowed ground, while also exploring new venues and opportunities."

Dramatic season

A dramatic season is also expected, full of excitement and phenomenal races "We look forward to hosting you and your families at our races this season and hope to create fun and memorable experiences that will last a lifetime.

It is your loyalty and passion for NASCAR that has carried us forward all these years, and we’re proud to return the heart-pounding action and dramatic, side-by-side racing you’ve always known and loved."
He will be happy for the great rise of NASCAR and new fans who will enjoy this season “As the interest and enthusiasm for our sport continues to grow, we’re also proud to welcome countless new fans to the NASCAR family, and we hope you thoroughly enjoy the unpredictable thrill ride that is sure to be the 2022 race season,” he said.

“So buckle up, everyone. The green flag on the Next Gen era is about to drop”. We can't wait for the start of the season, because it is certain that a real spectacle awaits us