Kyle Busch on his pole: “I never would have thunk it"

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Kyle Busch on his pole: “I never would have thunk it"

The new NASCAR season is what we’ve all been waiting for. Expectations are high from the 2022 season and fans are already looking forward to the start of a new era. The innovations introduced by NASCAR and the fantastic drivers who will be driving this season are just one of the reasons why we are eager for new races.

One of the most famous and greatest NASCAR drivers Kyle Busch secured the pole position and was the fastest qualifier. Kyle Busch is also happy with the novelty, and many fans seem to be interested in the new season “I never would have thunk it,” Busch said of being the fastest qualifier, as quoted by motorsport “I don’t know, you know, it’s pretty cool.

It’s just different with the opportunity to do something like this.

Kyle Busch feels happy

Kyle Busch is happy about this success and is looking forward to the race in which he will have an advantage from the start, but we will see if he will save it.

As impatient as Kyle Busch is, so are we. The race will not be easy at all, but the experience is on his side and he can certainly do a lot “NASCAR took a lot of flak on what this was going to look like and what it was going to be.

But we’re having a great time. We had a bunch of fans come out just to witness the qualifying. “I’m looking forward to seeing what this place will look like tomorrow and have the opportunity to race this No.

18 Toyota and keep it up front. We’re not in (the main event) yet – we still have to go through that heat race. “Just proud of my guys, working on the feedback and trying to understand what this car is all about”.

An exciting and interesting race awaits us, which will surely be a great introduction to what awaits us