Austin Dillon reveales his impressions after winning third place

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Austin Dillon reveales his impressions after winning third place

Austin Dillon did a phenomenal race and finished third in the L.A. Clash at the Coliseum. But not only did Dillon impress, there was also his teammate from RCR, Tyler Reddick, who was also great "The guys warned me about it," said Dillon, as quoted by motorsport "He was pretty aggressive all weekend on getting heat in his tires.

He did a good job of that. I just feel like once they told me, I was already aware of it, but I wasn't spinning my tires with the clutch." "I waited till the rpm came up, really hammer it instead of dropping the clutch to make it happen.

I kind of got lucky, I guess, but I was never really that aggressive."

Next-Gen Car

Next-Gen Car proved to be the right choice "I think this worked out perfect for the car. I agree with (Kyle Busch), too, on the old car, probably wouldn't have turned ever.

It would have been tough to make it work here," he said. This format, which most have been skeptical about, has proven to be good so far "I think it was a perfect amount of laps. I think any more than that you would have had to change your setup for the long haul more because you're right there on air pressure trying to make it fire off so you can get in line or go low and just try and manage it for a couple laps, be better at the end." The NASCAR management has really shown that they can do a lot, and it is obvious that they are making the right moves, which for now are proving to be a great choice.

We will see if it will be the same for the rest of the season "I think that's huge. Any time we can grow our sport exponentially like that, it's giant. We want to keep growing and bring everybody in as we can."