Kyle Busch after the race: "I feel disappointed"

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Kyle Busch after the race: "I feel disappointed"

Kyle Busch did his best to win, but unfortunately for him, it was not enough. Joey Logano was more convincing in the end though and came away with the win. Busch was pretty nervous after all, especially since he had pole position, and he was even close to that first place, but unfortunately his tires were worn out.

Still, no one doubts that Busch will show better performances in the next races “I was being perfect doing everything I needed to do – keep the tires underneath me,” he said, as quoted by motorsport “When I got close, I was like, ‘Okay I’ve got to try more and pounce at an opportunity’ and just overheated the tires and smoked them in three laps and that was it.

Busch is used to top results, so it is obvious that he was very disappointed, but Kyle will still have to think about continuing the season and the next races. “Disappointing, obviously, come out here and win the pole, and lead laps, run up front.

The finish goes green and it’s not chaotic and we can’t win, so it sucks”.

Kyle Busch on his racing

Busch emphasized once again that he was a little lacking for what he wanted, but that his team had to work on some little things if they wanted to be at the top level.

It is certain that Kyle Busch can go far this season, but he will need to be constantly in top form, so it will not be a problem for him to succeed in his goal until the very end. “Felt like coming in here off of the truck we were okay.

Made good speed right away,” he said. “Even in our (Joe Gibbs Racing) house, had a struggle – (Martin Truex Jr.) was way off. “Definitely some little, little things on the set-up sheet can certainly make for a big difference on the track”.